Orientation Programme

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The 90 hrs of Orientation Programme has been designed to make CAs complete Business Managers with an all-round personality encompassing Managerial Skills, Soft Skills and Communication. As per guidelines, a student has to undergo Orientation Porgramme before joining as an Articled Assistant.

Objective of this program is to equip the entrants of the profession with some essential skills, such as :

  • To familiarize the entrants with various dimensions of the Indian Accountancy Profession.

  • To develop effective communication and presentation skills.

  • To groom and motivate the entrants to be knowledgeable and skilled professionals.

  • To expand the significance of practical training in the life of a professional.

  • To foster values such as integrity, transparency and Independence in the budding professionals.

  • To develop effective communication, interpersonal and presentation skills.

  • The Orientation Porgramme is carried out through Regional Offices and Branches of the ICAI which would charge a separate fee of Rs.7000.

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